Minggu, 14 April 2013


Older Man "Modeling Panties" Complains About Discrimination

The guy who is the main subject of this blog has complained loudly about one of the videos he posted on his YouTube channel got flagged and now people can't see it without having a YouTube channel themselves and logging in. Unbelievable. He complained bitterly about the video getting flagged on one of his blog postsand included the following "Transcript" in the post: "The ladies full brief nylon panties that I'm wearing right now are Vanity Fair's Memoir Rose Style 13001 Lace Nouveau full brief nylon panties. I love these panties and the color especially, which I wish that they still made. Um, as you can see, the gusset has a straight across rear seam, unlike the classic vintage Vanity Fair Style 13001 briefs which were manufactured years ago. These are my favorite panties."

If you check the comments on this blog's previous post you'll see "Panty Buns"left a comment saying:

"If I were a female this video would not be flagged. This is an example of clear-cut sex discrimination!.
Is there any possibility you would consider embedding this video on your blog?"

I'd be more than happy to give it a try, Mister "Panty Buns"!:

Maybe he shouldn't have included the kind of dare he did in his comments when he re-posted the embedded video on his over-18 blog post "Old Dude: Help Make Me Famous In Panties.

He left the same kind of dare in the comments on this blog's previous post too, saying: "i , PANTY BUNS, am begging and daring all women to HELP MAKE ME WORLD FAMOUS IN MY PRETTY LADIES PANTIES by copying, sharing, and republishing the photos and videos i posted of myself male-modeling my full brief nylon panties,,, " "i reaffirm that theses photos and videos of me male modeling ladies full brief panties and this dare are all RELEASED into the public domain. i further beg and dare all women to try provoke the maximum possible relentless saturation media coverage so that every woman on earth will have seen me in my panties, recognize me on the street, and yell things out at me if they aren't laughing too hard. Do you think you can figure out how to make me famous with the photos and videos of me in my ladies panties? Are you too much of a chicken to help make it happen?"

Buns Posts Photo Wearing Lovely Deep Pink Panties
Remember saying that your favorite quote (referring to the pretty ladies panties you wear) is: "What good is it if nobody sees them? That is a really good free panty photo of you in your deep pink nylon full brief ladies panties modeled back view in the attachmenthttp://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?attachment_id=251 that shows up when you click on the full size panty image at the bottom ofhttp://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?cat=4 . You should post it on the free panty photo page athttp://www.sissypantybuns.com/wordpress/?page_id=56too, where you are so blatantly begging and daring us to copy and share all your panty photos with every adult woman on earth. You know you could do a better job of sharing them yourself, Sissy, but I'll try to help you out. I'll try to copy and post both your panty photo and this comment on my blog athttp://www.womenseeguymodelingpanties.blogspot.com/After all, "What good is it if nobody sees them?"Guess what. It's "TIME TO SHOW THE PANTIES!" (your panties, that is.)

Panty Buns posts another 'free panty photo' of himself in his Memoir Rose Vanity Fair Lace Nouveau nylon full brief ladies panties modeled back view and wants us to copy and share this image of him in his pretty panties. FREE PANTY PHOTO! SHARE THIS!